The Scenario of Supply Chain Management in Kuwait Food Industry


  • Abdullah E. M. F. Alrashidi International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Muataz Hazza Faizi al Hazza International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Ahsan Ali Khan International Islamic University Malaysia



Supply chain management (SCM) has been well-known to strongly influence the company performance.  in food manufacturing industries. In this study quality, time, information, flexibility, and integration have been selected as variables to predict their influence on Kuwait food industries. The methodology of the study was developed where five hypotheses have been proposed on the relationship among the selected factors and the performance. To evaluate the hypotheses, an examination through a questionnaire was conducted, followed by its analysis with Statistics Packaging for Social Science (SPSS) and Minitab applications. The findings were found to be in support of two hypotheses only. Oher three hypotheses were rejected. This study showed the ways in which order the factors should be prioritized to improve the performance of an organization.



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Alrashidi, A. E. M. F., al Hazza, M. H. F., & Khan, A. A. (2018). The Scenario of Supply Chain Management in Kuwait Food Industry. International Journal of Engineering Materials and Manufacture, 3(3), 162–170.